Sunday, 1 September 2013

Film-making: some interesting questions and tips!

Welcome to the new term and a new post from me. I haven't blogged for ages, so it's like a new year resolution to get some done...

Eight things you may not have seen before which might prove useful to you...

1. Is there any such thing as originality? It's a question posed in this video, which is well worth watching and should enable you to put aside any guilt about borrowing ideas:

and here's TomSka's take on it!

2. The originality question is also posed at the top of this web article, which features a collection of movie posters to reveal to us all that there seems to be a very limited amount of ideas out there!

3. If you are making a film, maybe for your coursework, and you really like that font that you saw in some movie and would like to replicate it in your film, maybe you'll find it here:

Well worth a look to see if you can re-mix someone else's text!

4. Want to know how to make a soundtrack out of everyday 'stuff'? A good person to listen to is Nathan Johnson, composer of the music for Brick and Looper. Here he talks about how he did the score for Looper:

5. Want to make a movie trailer? here are some great tips in this amusing article from The Guardian:

6. Making an opening sequence with titles this year?

This is really good- all about the history of titles sequences

THE FILM before THE FILM from ntsdpz on Vimeo.

7. Want to know about the history of colour in films? This site is good

8. And want some top tips for your screenplay? Here's some from one of the writers of Fresh Meat and Peep Show; and they don't just apply to comedy!

I'll try to put together more things I find from around the web that might be useful to you in the weeks to come.

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