Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Media in the online age presentation

Here are the main slides and images from a presentation I did recently at both Rich Mix in East London and Reigate college. Some bits are missing, such as the videos , though many of these are linked on earlier blogposts.

Online Age Short
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In this presentation, I refer back to several previous posts, such as the online series. I also ask students to think about their own media technology use and that of younger children today to consider the pace of change. In case studies of news and music I seek to consider how hardware, software and shifts in audience behaviour might raise issues about the online age. This presentation needs both Michael Wesch's video on Youtube and David Gauntlett's on Understanding everyday media to set up the debates.

The presentation ends with a look at the difference between online drama and Tv drama before considering how you might use the examples in the presentation for the january exam questions.

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