Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Music Video: Corin Hardy

This week I am running a session at the BFI with Corin Hardy. His work can be seen here and his blog is here.

Corin is known for his imaginative animations, often making music videos that don’t feature the artist at all. His approach is heavily influenced by his interest in the horror genre, fuelled by viewing lots of horror films in his teenage years, when he first started experimenting with animation. His first short film, Butterfly, is available to download for £1.49 on iTunes, and is well worth the investment. He currently has a number of horror projects in pre-production, which will ultimately lead to his feature film debut!

In a  workshop project one weekend, Corin worked with a group of beginners to produce a video response to the track Fuzzbox by Bomb the Bass featuring Jon Spencer. With no budget but complete freedom, Corin was able to get the group to formulate their ideas and pull together a bunch of props to make a highly imaginative and borderline pornographic (!) animation. ‘Fuzzbox’ referred to the guitar pedal, but the group gave it a sexual meaning and this is the result.

Corin’s video for the Prodigy’s ‘Warriors Dance’ saw him return to a technique he had used as a teenager, cutting up cigarette boxes to make figures to animate. The band were unavailable for the video, as they were on tour, which once again gave him free rein. In this case, they are like ants dancing in the bar while the humans are away.

For an earlier video for little known band The Horrors, Corin used a different animation technique; this time, the band were present- shot against a white background, having to imagine what might happen to them if they were under attack from various creatures. He then printed out every third frame of the video on paper, creating a pile 1500 sheets high, spread the paper around his living room and with large quantities of ink drew and splattered the sheets to create this amazing spectacle. Corin is proud of the success of this video- which you will note has close to 2 million hits on youtube- not bad for a little known band!

To make animations like these is a very lengthy process and on a low budget, which most of these videos are, that means the work is not that well paid! A more recent music promo for Biffy Clyro is live action, but draws upon his interest in horror, with reference to films like 'Deliverance' and 'The Wicker Man' as well as the Mexican festival of the dead. Corin's blog is at; Follow Corin on twitter 

If you are making a music video for your A level (or another media course) it is well worth considering the option of animation which might allow you to take it into really different and unusual areas; but beware, it is an immensely time consuming process- even if the performers don't answer back!

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  1. Hi Pete, just wanted to pass on some very positive student feedback about this event. All our students (from Worcester Sixth Form) were very impressed by what they learned, to the extent that they stopped moaning about the 6.30 a.m. start. They found Corin Hardy very inspiring and were excited about his ideas and suggestions. One student, due to deliver her pitch the following morning, stayed up all night changing her idea based on your advice and Corin's work. It's also very helpful of you to have posted all the links here for our students who weren't able to come. I do hope you'll run something similar next year. Thanks,